Your existing data (typically saved on the Acquisition Device before the introduction of Motion Explorer) can be added to a Hierarchy structure of your design by following these steps:

1) Create the directory structure you want using the "New Folder", "New Asset", and "New Collection" icons from either the ribbon or the right-click pop-up menu

2) Navigate down to the "New Collection" level and click the "Add File" or "Add Recording" icons from the ribbon or right-click pop-up menu

    NOTE - Add File will add ANY file type to the hierarchy tree

               Add Recording will only add .RDI video recordings to the hierarchy tree

               If you are uncertain, it is safest to use the "Add File" option

3) After clicking Add File or Add Recording, the "Open" window will appear. Use this window to navigate to the location where your raw data is currently stored

4) Select as many files as necessary, keeping in mind that they are being stored in one specific collection, then click the "Open" button to begin the import. Selecting multiple files can be accomplished by:

    a) Hold CTRL+Click to select files in any order

    b) Hold SHIFT+Click to select consecutive files

5) Repeat this process for any and all collections as necessary

See the attached recording for an example of how to add files/recordings.