Sometimes, a setting in the software's configuration files will get stuck, mismatched, or just confused! When this happens, you may see strange behavior in the RDI Suite of programs. One potential solution is to delete the configuration files by following the steps below:

1) Close any open RDI Applications

2) Open a File Explorer window

3) Navigate to the "C:\" drive by clicking on "This PC" and then "Local Disk (C:)" (Note - your names may not match exactly, but you are looking for the root of the C: drive.

4) In the Search Window in the upper right-hand corner of the screen, type "rdi*cfg" and press enter. (Note - the * symbol is created by pressing SHIFT+8)

5) Wait for the results. It may take as long as 30 seconds, but you should find something similar to what's shown below.

6) Select all of the files and delete them. Depending on the version of Windows you are running, they may go grey or you may not notice any real change at all.

7) Click the 'Refresh' icon shown in the green box below.

8) This time, you should see the "No items match your search" message.

9) Open any of the RDI programs normally. You may be prompted to set your Line Frequency or even measurement type and units again. This is normal and should only appear once.

If this does not correct your problems, please contact RDI Support by using the contact info on the support web page.