What are the issues with connecting to a wireless network?

There should not be a problem connecting to a wireless network. The assumption here is that you are using the Iris M user that the system came with and not using a separate log on. This is similar to what you did in class at RDI Technologies. This will also work in a hotel room when you are traveling. 

What are the issues with connecting to my work network?

This is where things can get complicated. First a specific log on and credentials may be required. While it's easy to create a new account on the acquisition device the RDI software will not be able to access the license through this account. As long as the Iris M account remains active you can continue to access the account. The license can be transferred to the new account by contacting RDI support. To summarize the RDI license is limited to one user on the acquisition device.

Another thing to consider is if your IT department requires virus scanning software it may interfere with the RDI software. The hardware was chosen because of it's performance as a system, any changes to the system may reduce it's performance. This may result in slow recording speed, reduced image size or overall slower performance.

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