Please check the Microsoft BitLocker encryption setting on your computer BEFORE starting this process. If the BitLocker is turned ON and you do NOT have the key, you will lock up your hard drive and lose all of your data!!

Follow these instructions to check and disable the BitLocker if you do not intentionally have it turned on.

Please follow the steps below to download and update or install Iris M software.

1. Click on the following link for the software bundle you are trying to update or install

Acquisition System Installation
Analysis Only Installation

2. When the download has completed, open the Downloads folder

3. Copy the "” file to a USB device (Optional)

4. Take the USB drive to the RDI Acquisition Device (Optional)

5. Copy the “” file to the desktop of the RDI Acquisition Device (Optional)

6. Right-click on the “” file and select “Extract All…”

NOTE - The extracted files must be on the local computer. You cannot install from the USB drive or a network location.

7. Confirm the default desktop destination by clicking “Next”

8. When extraction is complete, the extracted file location should open automatically

9. Right-click on the “setup.exe” file

10. Left-click on the “Run as administrator” action

11. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the software upgrade or installation


The process will be identical for either of the two Software Download links.

NOTE - The download contains the newest version available. In some cases the version references above may not exactly match the version in the download which will always be the newest version. In any case, the instructions remain the same regardless of the version that you download.

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