Background: This shouldn't happen under normal circumstances. The licensing system tries to "phone home" every so often to make sure the license is still valid, but it is not required.  If it can't phone home, the software is designed to remain active.  The only thing that should cause the software to deactivate is a physical change to the machine where the software is executed.  For example, if the software is copied to another machine, we would see that the current system parameters don't match what the license is expecting. The license would deactivate itself at this point.

To try to reestablish connectivity with the licensing database, connect to the internet and then go to "Info", "Manage License", and then select "Refresh my license" - see the screen captures at the bottom of this article. This should take care of the problem. If it doesn't, please contact RDI using the information found here. NOTE - if you are prompted to reenter your license number they are found on the USB stick that was originally delivered with your Acquisition System. See also this article: Where can I find the details of my software licenses?

If the above steps do not correct the problem, it is possible that your software Maintenance Agreement has expired. You will typically see this error immediately after you update the software. This error and the inability to refresh the license above is indicating that you should contact RDI using the information found here to determine the status of your license and Maintenance Agreement. In the screen capture below, you will see the Maintenance Expiration date at the bottom of the license information section.

Remember that you originally received two different licenses in a Text File (.txt) stored on the USB Thumb Drive delivered with your system. The first license, named "Full" is intended for use on the "Acquisition System" computer delivered with the Iris M system. It was typically installed and activated before the system was even shipped. No action should be required on your part.

The second license, named "SA" is for the Stand Alone Motion Amplification analysis software which you might have installed on another computer at your facility (not required). You would typically install and activate this license on your own.

Where can I find information about my software license?

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