What are the Hardware requirements for the Iris M™/Iris MX™/Iris CM™?

RDI Technologies will supply an "Acquisition Device" with an RDI Motion Amplification® system, Iris M/Iris MX/Iris CM. This Acquisition Device is a commercial off the shelf laptop computer. The currently supplied device is a Dell Model 5430 laptop. This Acquisition Device does not have to be placed on your company's network. It can be placed on the network or even on a guest network but it isn't required.

The Iris CM™ is a Server designed to work in conjunction with the Acquisition Device on a Local Area Network. If allowed, both devices can be placed on the same network and they will try to find each other.

A typical 3 second recording will create a file of approximately 1 GB. The Acquisition Device has a 1TB SSD for storage. You should expect to store large amounts of data over time.

The system includes a second "Analysis Only" License intended to be installed on a computer at your facility. This computer can be on the company network or not also.

What systems are used to transport the data?

The original RDI formatted recordings are typically large in size. It is typically necessary to use an external hard drive or even network storage to transfer raw data between the Acquisition Device and the Analysis Only device.

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How does RDI Technologies manage your data?

RDI Technologies doesn't manage your data, it is the responsibility of your company to manage your data. The Acquisition Device supplied with the system has a 1TB SSD for storage. The RDI Software will write files directly to the SSD. It is stored locally and not accessible by RDI Technologies.

Does this system or application transmit data to or from external sources?

The system is designed to be self contained and stand alone. The application will only transmit data to outside sources if the user chooses to share data.

What format will the data transfer take?

The typical "report" is in an MP4 format. The Motion Amplification® software will generate an MP4 recording from the raw RDI formatted data. It is typically not necessary to share the proprietary RDI formatted data with others in the company or outside of the company. There may be cases where RDI requests a copy of the raw data to help with troubleshooting software.

How is the software installed and updated on the Acquisition Device and the Analysis Only device?

The software is distributed via the RDI Technologies website. The user will create an account on the website, login, and download the software. It can be moved between the two devices on a USB device or downloaded from the internet on each computer separately.

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