An XML Alignment file for Motion Amplification® Stereo Vision represents a configuration that defines two cameras AND two focal length lenses to be used as a ‘system’.  Those items – two cameras and two lenses – are aligned as a system at RDI. The resulting file is placed on the customer’s PC or delivered to the customer electronically.  Once this XML Alignment file exists, users cannot interchange the lenses or the cameras…they are a defined set.  Below is an example of 4 individual alignment files for four (testing) configurations.

NOTE – When adding the alignment files to RDI Acquisition, please select ALL of the XML files for all of the supplied lenses so the system operates correctly.


When the user connects the paired cameras to the pc, then launches Acquisition, the software needs to see the correct XML Alignment file – specifically at C:\ProgramData\RDI.  If that file is NOT there, user will see these two options:

NOTE – In the step below, make sure to select ALL of the XML files for all lens pairs!

If the first option is selected, the user must navigate to where the XML Alignment files reside, be that on a thumb drive, in the Downloads folder, etc.  Once those files are found and selected, they are automatically copied to the \ProgramData\RDI folder. (By default, Windows HIDES the \ProgramData folder.) In the example below, the alignment files are found on the USB drive included with the purchase.


Note:  If the option above happens to, by default, navigate the user to the \Program Files\RDI\RDI Software folder, do NOT choose the Basler.Pylon.xml file! This is not an Alignment file, it just happens to be an XML file, which is the same format as Alignment files.

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