To correct this behavior, follow these instructions. 

1) Open the Device Manager and then open the Display Adapters section

2) The 5420 seems to have two different Video Drivers. I was able to right-click and Disable the AMD Radeon 540 version and run some stabilization tests. The computer did not seem to crash when only running on the Intel UHD Graphics 620 driver. If this seems similar, continue below:

3) Double-click on the AMD Radeon RX 540 Device to show the Properties

4) Click on the "Driver" tab and compare what you have with the attached image.

5) If you have an older driver, visit this page ( and download the Win10/Win11 driver for your machine.

I was successful Stabilizing down to about 30% battery power.

NOTE - Using Windows Update, Update Driver, and Dell Support Assistant did not find this newer driver. I had to manually download and install it.