These lessons are probably similar to Dropbox, GoogleDrive and other cloud storage programs, too.

When creating your OneDrive account, take note of the OneDrive location shown on this screen and highlighted below with a green box:


  • IMPORTANT - During the configuration, if you are prompted to Back Up items from your hard drive, DO NOT Back Up your C:\Users\RDI MA Device\Documents\RDI folder.

(NOTE - Above, RDI MA Device may be replaced by the account name of the user that is currently logged into the device.)

UNCHECK the bubble associated with the "Documents" folder on this screen:

The screen should look like this BEFORE you click "Continue".

You cannot just drag and drop RDI files or RDI folders from your computer to OneDrive. You also cannot Upload files to OneDrive. Using either of these transfer methods will "break the link" between Motion Explorer and the recording files. Motion Explorer will no longer know where to locate the recordings. Because the hierarchy.db file no longer exists in your C:\Users\RDI MA Device\Documents\RDI\Hierarchy folder, Motion Explorer will create a new (empty) hierarchy tree.

To Synchronize your recordings with the OneDrive folder follow these steps:

Use Motion Explorer to "Move" the files to the newly created OneDrive folder. Open Motion Explorer and select the Recording, Asset, Folder or Collection you want to move. The current location will be shown under the Preview Image in the right-hand page. Highlighted below with a green box.

Select the "Move" menu item:

You will be shown the "Destination Directory for File Move" window below:

Click the three dots in the blue box and a navigation window will appear. Navigate to the "OneDrive - XXX XXXXXXX" folder. If one does not exist already, create an "RDI" folder inside your OneDrive folder. Select the RDI Folder:

The new path should appear in the "Destination Directory" window. Confirm this location and click OK:


When you click "OK" you should see a progress bar similar to this:

When the process completes, Motion Explorer should see the Location change to the OneDrive location as shown in the green box below:

Please, Please, PLEASE, be careful to not delete files. They are extremely large and may not be saved in the computer's recycle bin or the OneDrive recycle bin.

You may see this message but I have seen other cases where the files are completely deleted and unrecoverable:

While we are not necessarily experts at every type of cloud storage offering, we will be happy to help as much as possible to prevent you from losing data unnecessarily.

After you have all of the recordings stored on OneDrive, you can point the Storage Location on the Acquisition Device to store future recordings there by default.

Open RDI Acquisition and click on the "Settings" gear:

In the "RDI Acquisition Options" window, click on the "Browse..." button at the end of the "Storage folder:" line:

Use the "Browse For Folder" to navigate to and select the "OneDrive - XXXXXXXXXX" folder. Select the RDI Folder and click OK:

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