The Zoom Lens supplied with the Traveler System has Focal Length settings which are not listed in the Drop Down list. There are focal lengths printed on the Zoom ring of this lens. To add a "Custom" lens, do the following:

  • Connect a Camera to the Acquisition Device
  • Open RDI Acquisition

  • Click the drop down arrow at the end of the "Focal Length (mm):" field

  • Click "Add/Edit" at the bottom of the pop-up menu

  • In the "User Defined Lenses" window, click the "New Lens" button

  • A new line will appear at the bottom of the list. Enter the desired Focal Length (mm) in the blank field.

  • Feel free to associate a color with this new lens. Click in the "Color (Optional" box to reveal a color palate. Select any color you like or choose a custom color. After selecting you color, click "OK" to close the "Color" box.

  • Click "Finished" to complete the process

  • Repeat as necessary until all lenses are added

Please see the attached video for a demonstration.

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