• Pick up
    • Address
      • RDI Technologies
        10024 Investment Drive
        Suite 150
        Knoxville, Tennessee 37932
      • Phone: (865) 469-5821
      • contact: Mr. Jacob Tessendorf

    • Hours
      • Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm Eastern Time USA
    • Access

  • There are NO regularly scheduled pickups for UPS, DHL, or FedEx at our facility. Pickups must be requested.

  • RDI Technologies Employer Identification Number (EIN) - 814 392 719

  • Shipment details (your shipment will be ONE of the following-please see the Commercial Invoice to decide which one you will be receiving):
  • Packaging
    • The kit is packaged in a portable carry bag. That bag is then overpacked in a double-walled cardboard box. No pallet of any type is used for shipping.
  • Contents:
  • Battery Information
  • Country of origin:
    • Final assembly done in the United States of America
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS)/ Harmonized System (HS)/ Schedule B code
    • 8471.30.0100 (number format may change slightly -with or without decimals- but will remain under the category of Portable Automatic Data Processing Machine) 
    • see attachment "2018-09-18IrisMHTSDescription.pdf"
  • Export Administration Regulations (EAR) Export Control Classification Number (ECCN):
    • RDI Standard Computer Kit or RDI Rugged/Federal Computer Kit 
      • ECCN 5A992
    • All remaining components of kit (camera, lens, cases, etc.)
      • EAR99
    • NLR (No License Required) when shipped to countries and users not considered an embargoed country, not considered an end user of concern, or not in support of a prohibited end use.
  • CE Declarations for the Acquisition System (Surface Book/Toughbook) and Camera