1. Make sure that you have the latest Server Software by logging into the RDI Technologies™ website and downloading the latest version here: Software Updates

NOTE - For the best performance, please don't forget to update all your Iris software simultaneously. The Iris M software can be found here: How do I update or install the software for my Iris M™, Iris MX™, or Iris CM™ System?

2. Download and save the Camera Firmware by going here: Iris Camera Firmware Download

3. On the Iris CM server, search for and open SpinView

NOTE - To connect to the server, you can either use a keyboard, mouse and monitor or use Remote Desktop to access the system.

4. You will see the following screen

5. Connect your camera to your acquisition unit via the USB cable provided. It will take a moment to connect, then you should see your camera's serial number populate at the top:

NOTE - In the step below, if your camera Model Name is listed as anything different than "Grasshopper3 GS3-U3-23S6M" please contact RDI for further instructions. The firmware in this article is only compatible with that Model.

6. Single click on the camera serial number, highlighting it blue, and this button at the top will activate: 

Click it to open the 'Firmware Update' dialog box:

7. Click 'Browse' and navigate to the location where you saved the file named "gs3-u3-imx174_gs3-u3-23s6-2.35.3-00.ez2" in the steps above and click open, then start.

8. You will receive the message shown below, click "Yes"

8. After a few moments, you will receive a message that the camera has been updated successfully and is waiting to reboot. A timer will count down from 15 seconds to reboot the camera.

9. Once this is complete, close SpinView and re-open it. Click again on the camera serial number, then click the 'Information' tab:

The firmware version should reflect