If you have several recordings which share the need to have common filters applied, Motion Explorer will allow you to apply an existing filter or filters to multiple recordings.

To copy filters from one recording to the other, follow these steps:

1) Select the recording which contains the desired filter(s) from the Motion Explorer tree view

2) Click on the "Copy Filters" icon in the ribbon

3) Select another recording or multiple recordings (by using the SHIFT+Click or CTRL+Click selection methods)

4) The "Apply Filters" icon in the ribbon will become active

5) Click the "Apply Filters" icon

6) A dialog will appear showing you the filters which are found in the first recording. If you want to apply all of the exact same filters, you can simply click "Apply" and allow the software to complete the process.

7) If you do not want to apply all of the filters, you can select only the filters which you do want to apply by changing the status of their check boxes.

8) If you accidentally included a recording, you can deselect it by removing the check from the box in front of its name. The filter will not be applied to unchecked recordings.

9) You can also change the default file name by clicking in the "File Name" window before clicking "Filtered Recording Name".

See the attached recording for a short demonstration.