New in Version 2.5 is the ability to compare waveform peaks and find a relative phase difference between the waveforms.

To compare phase readings follow these steps:

1) Place two ROIs in the recording and let the software perform its calculations

2) (Optional) You can use the Spectrum to identify the peak frequency. If you know the frequency, this is not necessary.

3) Open the Time Waveform displays

4) Right-click in the plot that you would like to use as the Master for the reference

5) From the new pop-up menu, select "Set Phase Reference"

6) Enter the frequency at which you want to do the comparison

7) You will see the frequency appear at the bottom of the Master waveform

8) The other waveform displays will have a relative phase between their waveform and the master's

The video below gives a short demonstration comparing the relative phase between two ROIs in the X-axis