New to Version 2.5 is the "Trim Recording" tool represented by this toolbar icon:

To use this tool:

  1. Begin by clicking on the Trim Recording Icon
  2. The Playback Bar will change its display. Now you will see a pair of red triangles below the bar
  3. You can click, hold and drag the sliders to the desired locations. You can trim the beginning or end or even a section out of the middle.
  4. When you have defined the section of the recording you want to snip and save, click the Trim Recording icon that is to the right of the Playback Bar
  5. The "Trim Recording" dialog box will appear
    1. You can give the new recording a different name
    2. You can open the recording after trimming
    3. You can choose to delete the original recording. By default, the original recording will be kept and a new recording will be created identified by "trim" in the name.
    4. Make your selections and click "OK" to complete the task

See the attached video for a quick demonstration