If the software doesn't recognize the camera or if it recognizes the camera as a USB 2.0 then you can try this.

You may want to try the following steps if you are hearing “plin-plon” of USB connection/disconnection from the Surface Book.

One thing you can check is the connection between the two halves of the computer. There is a "Detach Tablet" button in the upper right-hand corner of the keyboard. It is the button just to the left of the "Del" key. Press and hold it until you hear a click. Then, pull up on the screen portion and it will disconnect from the keyboard.

Clean the connectors between the two halves with some alcohol and compressed air. This is a magnetic connection and all of the USB ports run through it. So, we have seen it pick up some debris during use.

If nothing changes you can shut down the software and restart the computer and after it restarts open the software and try again.