Sometimes, a setting in the software's configuration files will get stuck, mismatched, or just confused! When this happens, you may see strange behavior in the RDI Suite of programs. One potential solution is to delete the configuration files by following the steps below:

1) Close all open RDI Applications

2) Open the Application which is displaying the error message. If multiple Applications are displaying an error, open each in turn and follow these same instructions for each Application

3) In the upper right-hand corner of the Application, click on the blue circle containing an "i"

4) The "RDI Information" window will appear

5) Click on the "Preference Factory Reset" icon shown in the green box below

6) Click "OK" to close the window.

7) Close the current Application and repeat as necessary.

8) Open any of the RDI programs normally. You may be prompted to set your Line Frequency or even measurement type and units again. This is normal and should only appear once.

If this does not correct your problems or if you cannot open the Application, please contact RDI Support by using the contact info on the support web page.