In order to increase Fmax or Framerate (FPS), you must "crop" the collected image. The best way is to decrease the vertical resolution (Height) of the image which allows you to increase the acquisition rate. Decreasing the Width of the recording will also allow you to increase Fmax, but at a slower rate.

See the video below for exactly how to do this and just what it means. The items in the "Camera Properties" section of RDI Acquisition have changed over time to simplify things. There is one recording (Increasing Fmax in V2_3 and earlier.mp4) showing the original layout for the Camera Properties fields and one showing the current configuration (Increasing FPS in V2_4 and Later.mp4). The biggest difference is that in earlier versions, in what was called "Displacement" mode, the slider which controlled Framerate was named Fmax.

The the relationship between Framerate and Fmax is:

2 times Fmax = Framerate or 

Framerate divided by 2 = Fmax.

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