Behavior in Versions 2.3 and earlier:

When you record a video the "Lighting" selection will optimize the recording settings to reduce the flicker found in lighting supplied by Alternating Current (AC). This flicker will be at 50 or 60 Hz depending on your local electrical line frequency. Normally, the recording will be made at twice this line frequency. If the frame rate is set at a frequency other than twice the line frequency a beating (beat frequency) between the frame rate and lighting may occur. If you have selected "Other" as your Lighting selection then manually adjusted the frame rate so that it is no longer twice the line frequency, as you amplify the recording, the flickering will change the intensity of the lighting on the asset making it appear brighter and dimmer. To reduce this affect, you can either:

  1. Rerecord the video making sure to record at twice the electrical line frequency
  2. Filter your existing recording to eliminate the 50 or 60 Hz frequency

The Camera Properties window in Version 2.3 and earlier:

NEW BEHAVIOR after update to Version 2.4

To simplify the recording process, the Acquisition Mode and Lighting settings have been removed from the user interface. Now, all that is required is to slide the "Framerate (fps)" slider to the needed setting.

The Camera Properties window in Version 2.4 and newer:

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