The Motion Amplification software allows you to draw multiple ROIs on an image for analysis. There are two modes used for adding ROIs as described below.

When the Motion Amplification software is set to "Standard Mode", your icon will look like this: . In this mode, you draw multiple ROIs by pressing and holding the control [CTRL] key on the keyboard and then left-clicking the mouse and dragging the location where you want the next ROI. This is the original method delivered with the Motion Amplification software. If you do NOT have a drop-down arrow to the right of your ROI icon, , your software will operate in this mode.

As of October 2017, a feature was added that allows you to select “Accumulate Mode” your icon will look like this: . To draw ROIs in this mode, you only need to click and drag with your mouse. Every time you release, an ROI will appear. When you click another location, you will begin drawing a new ROI.

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To switch between the two, simply click on the arrow to the right of the ROI icon, . Choose the mode you would like to activate and click on the name to close the menu, .

The video below will show you how to change the drawing mode for ROIs.

The video here will show